Our expert team of educators deliver a range of courses around the country at many different levels.

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Created and pioneered by seed, Foundations equips parents with comprehensive information to support the primary school years. It includes a thorough summary of Torah stories and a full review of the Jewish calendar. The course is accompanied by tailor-made material which has been internationally acclaimed.​

Homegroups (2)

Home Groups

London & Manchester

Home groups are discussion-based social evenings with a group of your personal friends in the comfort of your home. You choose a topic to debate and explore and one of the seed educators will come and lead what is usually a thought-provoking and heated discussion. The atmosphere is always easy-going, stimulating and a huge amount of fun.

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The HOW, the WHAT and the WHY of Jewish family life. Join us for discussion and thought…parenting, relationships, mysticism, philosophy and all the other things we don’t have time for.

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Derech Hashem


These classes delve into the works of the Ramchal, an 18th century kabbalistic master. He grapples with fundamental issues including understanding the purpose of creation, why bad things happen and how G-d runs the world. Rabbi Abraham Hassan, Seed senior lecturer and expert in this amazing work, presents with clarity and warmth on a weekly basis.