Women’s Programmes

Interested in attending programmes designed specifically for women? There is a range from introductory to advanced learning and discussion programmes.

Time For Two Oct 2019

Time for Two


Come have a coffee and relax while your little ones play, with a chance to discuss an informal mix of Jewish topics.

joanne dove

Duties of the Heart


An ongoing series of classes focused on life skills through the eyes of our Sages with Rebbetzen Joanne Dove.

Blue Orange

The Blue Orange


How real are our thoughts?
A class exploring our innocent misuse of the gift of thought, based on a simple understanding of our innate health that can utterly transform moment to moment living.

Inside Out

Inside Out


Building ourselves and our families from the Inside Out

Part of our Early Years programme, a weekly class contemplating the wisdom of extraordinary living. Every Tuesday morning with Seed style breakfast. Crèche available.

Wiser Women

Wiser Women


Women aspiring to clarity, wisdom and inner growth. A scrumptious breakfast Thursday morning programme, for women, by a variety of speakers who inform and inspire.

For more information email Tzippy.

Mummy time (2)

Women to Women


A programme for women focused on topical and practical subjects with Rebbetzen Joanne Dove.

Time4 Me and You

Time 4 Me & You


Come savour a coffee and time with a friend. Pick up a book or enjoy quality time. Seed at its best. Monday mornings for Women.

Na'aleh Feather 2



Aspire to go higher. Experiencing the storm of inspiration. Adding meaning and depth to our daily lives. Every Tuesday evening. Delicious fresh soup and uplifting Torah talk with various speakers.

Womens Israel Trip

Women’s Israel Trip

A women’s trip of learning, touring and experiencing Israel like never before.
Join us on a journey of learning and introspection packed with talks by renowned speakers and meetings with Jewish figures. We will visit landmarks such as the Kotel and Kever Rochel and be hosted by warm and welcoming families.


A Time To Rejuvenate – A Time To Be Inspired – A Time To Reconnect