seed has run nearly 100 residential seminars over the last 25 years. Each time, we literally take over a 4-star hotel for a weekend and provide an all-inclusive family learning experience.

Depending on their age, children are expertly taken care of either in a crèche or a small group with their peers. Parents relax in the knowledge that the kids are well looked after, and can enjoy their own feast of education and inspiration. And of course, aside from the 3 sumptuous daily meals, there are the 24-hour refreshment stations just in case!

Some of seed’s classic seminar themes have been:

  • Who's in Charge?
  • The Waze Seminar
  • Raising a Jewish Family
  • Challenge
  • Generation to Generation
  • Ever Wondered Why
  • World of Jewish Living
  • Ups and Downs of Inspiration
  • Knowledge

If you are interested in attending one of our seminar weekends in the future, please email