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specialises in Jewish Family Education.
Our mission is to equip parents to raise their children with a sophisticated
understanding of their Judaism, and a wholesome belief in themselves.
We aim to strengthen the family unit through formal and informal study,
positive Jewish encounters and a shared enjoyment of Jewish life and
values. We have offices in London and Manchester and work with both
families and individuals in schools, in our centres and beyond.
Our programmes include:
Early Years programmes for mums,
including the ‘Babies & Bagels’ mother
and baby groups as well as mother and toddler groups introducing parenting
skills and fundamental Jewish concepts in a warm and sociable environment.
Early Years programmes for dads,
with the launch of the ‘Dad’s Time’
programme in Manchester to complement the ‘Babies & Bagels’
programme for mums.
In-School Family Education programmes,
providing formal and informal
programmes in Jewish primary schools to help mums and dads in supporting
the Jewish education of their children, such as the Hebrew Reading Crash
Course, Everyday Parenting course and family arts and crafts activities
around Jewish themes.
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