Advanced Learning

Try one of our learning groups for the chance to explore specific topics in a small group setting, or create your own Jewish learning programme with a One2One partner at one of our centres.

One to one (2)


London & Manchester

Tailor-made learning just for you.
One to One, the programme for which Seed became famous, is an informal, hands-on approach to Jewish study. Once a week, at a convenient location, over 300 partnerships come together to discuss various topics of learning.


Each participant is partnered with a tutor, carefully chosen to complement his/her background and interests.


To sign up as either a partner or a tutor click here.

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London & Manchester

Professionals Beis Medrash (PBM) is a carefully constructed adult education programme. It is designed for those who wish to improve their ability and build independence in the study of classical Jewish texts.


To find out more, click here:

Homegroups (2)

Home Groups

London & Manchester

Home groups are discussion-based social evenings with a group of your personal friends in the comfort of your home. You choose a topic to debate and explore and one of the seed educators will come and lead what is usually a thought-provoking and heated discussion. The atmosphere is always easy-going, stimulating and a huge amount of fun.

Early Birds

Early Birds


Start your day with a vibrant and exciting learning experience for men, whilst your mind is fresh and open. Tuesday mornings 6:20am followed by Shacharit and Seed style breakfast.