Primary Schools

Helping to bridge the gap between the classroom and the home. Our family education programmes in Jewish schools engage and support parents in their children’s Jewish education.

Programmes include the Hebrew Reading Crash Course, parenting workshops, Generation Sinai and much more.

Who we work with

Seed is the pioneer for the Family Education Programme in schools, offering a selection of classes for parents and a range of family activities. We work with the following schools:

  • Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School
  • Gesher Primary School
  • Hertsmere Jewish Primary School
  • Ilford Jewish Primary School
  • Immanuel College Preparatory School
  • King David Primary School, Manchester
  • Mathilda Marks Kennedy School
  • North Cheshire Jewish Primary School
  • Rimon Jewish Primary School
  • Sinai Jewish Primary School
  • Moriah Jewish Day School
  • Nancy Reuben Primary School
  • Rosh Pinah Primary School
  • Wolfson Hillel Primary School
  • Yavneh Primary School

CRP Points

All United Synagogue schools and schools under the religious authority of the Office of the Chief Rabbi require the completion of a Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) as part of a child’s application for admission to the school. Some other Jewish schools in Greater London also require a CRP or similar form.


One of the ways that parents can collect points for their CRP is through coming to shul or children’s services on Shabbat. The Seed shul has been recognised as a valid place to collect points.


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