Seed Matchfund Campaign 2024

Sunday 19 May

... One step at a time

Step into Courage: Coalwalk for Seed!

Evening of 19th May 2024 in London & Manchester

Join us for a transformative experience as we walk across hot coals in support of Seed. Embrace the power within yourself, honour the unbreakable bonds of family, and celebrate the rich tapestry of our heritage. Each step on the fiery path symbolizes not just overcoming fear but also contributing to a cause greater than ourselves.

Guided by qualified facilitators, you’ll tap into your inner wisdom and resilience, uniting with fellow participants to make a meaningful difference in a deep and profound spiritual experience. Together, we’ll ignite hope for a brighter future while honouring the values that define us.

REGISTER NOW and become part of this empowering journey towards belief, unity, and purposeful action.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stand tall, make an impact, and embody the spirit of courage and compassion. Join us for this Coalwalk and let your footsteps pave the way for positive change, one step at a time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with Robyn.


The Coalwalk experience is walking across burning embers bare foot. Millions of people have done it safely, from all around the world. 

Yes, though there is always an inherent element of risk in any activity of this kind. You will receive clear instruction on your walk, we have world class certified instructors, and support team including first aider. Our coalwalk provider has never had any incidents.  

Coalwalkers should be over 18. Younger people who can demonstrate maturity can also walk but please do talk to us in advance about this. In general, anyone can coalwalk. Our provider has had the privilege of taking people with physical challenges across the coals. If you have any concerns, talk to us.

Yes, we request participants to raise a minimum amount of £500 in unmatched funds.

While Coalwalking has been done for centuries, in the modern age it is a tool we use to train the body and mind to overcome obstacles in life.

There may be a sensation in your feet afterward. It’s not painful though. It goes quickly.

Coalwalking is all about intention and courage. This is why it is such a powerful tool to help us in the rest of our lives. There’s no hypnosis or trick. You do it. You do it all.

The coalwalk will happen just after sunset on Sunday 19th May in Manchester and London. Exact timings and location will be shared with each participant prior to the event.

You don’t need to prepare, that is what the training is for beforehand. Alcohol 24 hours before and during the Coalwalk is prohibited.

Yes. Waivers will be shared with each coalwalker and  completed on the day of the event. 

Your feet will need to be bare, and we recommend avoiding long and flowy skirts. If you have sportswear, that may be a good choice for you. If it’s cold you will also need a warm jacket. Flip flops or crocs will be welcome after the walk. You may want to bring wet wipes or a towel to clean your feet afterward.

There will be an opportunity for ladies only coalwalk.

We aim to walk around 30 minutes after sunset as it works best at dusk to capture the atmosphere. The whole event will take around 2 hours.

The provider carries specific event insurance up to £10m.

In general yes, though if you have a concern, talk to us.

The providers and ourselves are explicit and firm that no-one is obliged to walk and there is zero pressure. You choose and can step away at any point.

Yes, though we will have a professional photographer and videographer to capture the magic of the event (London event only).

Yes, we encourage you to bring your family. Though it will be at dusk, which is later in the May.  

Yes, Seed will ensure both venues have adequate security to ensure all participants, guests and staff feel safe.