Fighting Holocaust Denial

A rare opportunity to have an audience with Professor Lipstadt and to hear directly from her about holocaust denial in general and her famous case with David Irving in particular.

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Live Tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau

On this day of national commemoration of the tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people, we will take a live walk through the largest Jewish cemetery in the world -…

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The Perek Project

The plan: Seed Manchester's Mrs Gila Ross has just launched a new podcast series - The Perek Project, which aims to complete Pirkei Avot - timeless wisdom for modern times…

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Teenage Parenting Panel

Join for this vital session about helping your teen deal with the summer, coming out of 'lockdown' and going back to school. The panel will consist of Rabbi Malcolm Herman…

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I’m Sorry I’m Working!

Join Rabbi Bazak on Thursday 2nd July at 8.15pm for a discussion with two influential business-people about finding the balance between work and family life. Mr Harry Rothenberg, Esq. is a partner…

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Close Encounters III – Youssef Haddad

The son of a Christian-Arab minister and seriously wounded as a Golani fighter, Youssef Haddad has dedicated his life to defending Israel’s reputation on the world stage. Listen to his…

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Seed’s Got Talent!!

Join us on Sunday 21st June at 11am to see Seed's best talent and a musical performance by the energetic and entertaining ANDERS! Hosted by: Rabbi Goldstein & Rabbi Aron Judges:…

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Ladies Stay At Home Retreat

Below are the recordings from the Ladies Stay At Home Retreat. Please click on any link to watch: Entire YouTube Playlist 1. Intro 2. Kelly Kahn - Intro To Wellbeing…

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