The Seed Education Team

Rabbi Joey Grunfeld

Rabbi Malcolm Herman 

Rabbi Malcolm Herman is the CEO of Seed. He spent many years in Yeshiva and Kollel in Manchester, and has a law degree from the LSE. He was the pioneer of Seed’s schools programme as well as several other creative initiatives, and co-authored a parenting book with Professor Gersch – “Everyday Parenting for Everyday Parents”. He is a sought-after speaker known for his down-to-earth wisdom and Torah ideas, blended with a healthy dose of humour. He is also a parenting mentor advising parents to navigate life’s parenting challenges. Rabbi Herman is married to Carmel, an experienced educator in her own right, and they are blessed with four children. 

Hidden Talent: Making perfect pancakes 

Rabbi Shaya Grunfeld

Rabbi Shaya is immediately recognisable by his warmth and energy. He is Director of Seed Manchester, responsible for the overall management of the team and all operations. He is also an engaging senior lecturer and a professional counsellor with a sought-after private practice.

He and his wife Kayla, a popular kallah teacher, run a busy and inspiring home and regularly share their lively Shabbat table.

Hidden talent: Plays the piano 

Rabbi Daniel Fine 

Rabbi Fine is Seed’s Director of Education and Head of London Schools Programme. After 12 years in Israel, he was a successful community rabbi at Stanmore United Synagogue, attracting a record number of young families to the shul – alongside teaching at Hasmonean and the Evening Beis. Rabbi Fine has authored four books. His wife Janine is from Manchester and the couple live in Edgware with their five children. 

Hidden Talent: Running (with Rabbi Birnbaum) 

Rabbi Dov Birnbaum 

After spending a number of years studying and teaching in Israel, Rabbi Birnbaum joined us in 2015 as Rabbi of the Seed Shul. He has a wealth of experience teaching at the highest level. He is passionate about halacha and is the voice at the end of our halacha hotline. He has a diploma in community leadership and Jewish education and under his leadership the shul has more than doubled in size. Rabbi Birnbaum has also recently created an educational consultancy together with Rebbetzen Tehilla. 

Hidden Talent: Running (with Rabbi Fine) 

Rebbetzen Tehilla Birnbaum 

Rebbetzen Tehilla has mentored, taught and guided different ages from teens to families with a natural ability to connect to them all. As well as an experienced Rebbetzin, she is a sought after marriage and family counsellor. Her warmth and charisma coupled with her dynamic educating skills make her a real asset to our team.

Tehilla and her husband Rabbi Birnbaum lead the thriving Seed Shul with over hundred family members. Focused on community development and pastoral care, they are passionate and dedicated to their shul members and to Seed’s vision.

Hidden talents: Painting  

Rabbi Dovi Colman 

Rabbi Dovi Colman was born and bred in Golders Green, and has been involved in community youth and adult work in London, Israel, Whitefield and now with Seed.  

Hidden Talent: Plays a mean game of squash 

Soro Colman

Soro Colman was born and bred in Whitefield, where she caught the bug of community involvement from seeing the dedication and creativity of her parents, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Guttentag. Soro brings with her a wealth of experience in teaching and outreach and is known for her deep discussions on Judaism. Soro is a proud mother to her four children and also loves reading in her spare time. 

Hidden Talent: Writing political satire 

Rebbetzen Joanne Dove

Rebbetzen Joanne Dove joined Seed in 2006. After moving to the UK in the early 90s, she and her husband Rabbi Jonathan Dove, were university chaplains, first in Leeds and then London. Rebbetzen Joanne also spent many years running the women’s programmes in the JLE in Golders Green.

Nowadays Rebbetzen Joanne is a senior educator at Seed, utilising her wealth of experience, endless energy and vibrant personality to run women’s educational programmes and trips including the LINKS bat mitzvah programme for mothers and daughters. She is a mother, daughter, grandmother, mentor, sister, teacher and confidante to many, guiding them through life’s challenges.

Rabbi Dovid Simcha Cohen 

For over 20 years, Dovid Simcha has been studying Torah at the highest level. This has included many years in some of the most prestigious institutions in the Jewish world including Gateshead and Mir. As well as co-ordinating our One2One programme, he currently teaches teenagers at a yeshiva in Golders Green. 

Rabbi Adam Edwards

Rabbi Edwards has led a varied life over the past decade at Seed. From being a pioneer in the original partnership with the United Synagogue in Bushey, to working with the Borehamwood community, to then developing a brand new programme of parent education for JFS parents, Rabbi Edwards has developed a wealth of experience in family education. Now working within Seed HQ, he is instrumental in the Seed Poland and Israel trips, One2One and home group learning, and is a driving force in turning educational dreams into reality. He has an MA from the University of London in Jewish Education. 

Hidden Talent: Amateur magician (it’s VERY hidden)  


Elisheva Fisher

Elisheva was born and raised in Hendon but spent nearly nine years in the holy land of Israel. She came back to England in 2018 having decided that it was time to start using her talents and investing her skills within the Anglo-Jewish community. She loves teaching and learning and is in her element interacting and socialising with people.  Being a trained and practising psychotherapist and being involved in the Seed educational team makes a busy but satisfying life for Elisheva. 

Hidden Talent: Puzzles 

Debbie Rosenberg 

Debbie, the ultimate perfectionist, joined the Seed team in 2004 with a background in Fine Art. She created Babies & Bagels and continues to lead our Partytime Shabbat programme for mums and under 5s. Whilst still fulfilling this role, Debbie’s responsibilities have expanded as an educator to include running practical parenting groups and designing Seed’s publications and resources – notably our events flyers. 

Hidden Talent: Making perfect sticky toffee pavlova 

Rabbi Akiva Rosenblatt

Hidden Talent: Can ride a unicycle 

Rabbi Avraham Hassan 

Rabbi Hassan is the educator’s educator and has a long list of illustrious students including Rabbi Akiva Tatz – no less! For over two decades he ran the One2One programmes in the north of England and lectured on our seminars. More recently, as well as being seed North’s Senior Rabbinic Advisor, he gives classes on ‘The Everyday and The Esoteric’, opening mystical texts to the modern mind. 

Hidden Talent: Fluent Spanish speaker 

Rabbi Gary Bazak

Rabbi Gary Bazak is one of Seed’s senior educators. Over the past 10 years he has spearheaded the educational creativity in some of our flagship projects such as residential seminars, family education programme in Jewish primary schools and most recently he established the Borehamwood Kollel. 
He is well known for his rare ability to communicate ideas to both experts and novices with dynamism and his trademark humour.

Rabbi Peretz Goldstein

Originally from Stanmore, Rabbi Goldstein spent 11 years studying in Israel until receiving his Rabbinic ordination, after which he and his family jetted off to Boston. They spent two very busy years building a community of Jewish young professionals in an urban setting through a blend of social and educational programs. Now back in the UK’s largest Jewish community, Rabbi Goldstein, with his infectious enthusiasm for life and dedication to Jewish teaching and learning, leads Seed Borehamwood and hopes to enrich the lives of many Jewish families in the area.

Sorele Goldstein

Sorele Goldstein has a passion for relating ancient Jewish wisdom to contemporary life, and enjoys channelling her inner artist through singing, playing guitar, interior design and crafts. Mothering seven children, she can also be found with her nose in a book whenever her busy home life allows her the time! Sorele grew up in Stamford Hill and spent three years studying at the prestigious Gateshead seminary before working as a Jewish Studies teacher at Wolfson Hillel Primary School. She is a talented educator who communicates authentic, relevant Judaism in a friendly and inspiring style.

Sarah Silkin

Sarah is a proud mummy to a lovely family, with a passion to teach and sing about Judaism. She has lived in wonderful communities in America and the UK and has enjoyed forming relationships and learning with lots of different people over the years. Sarah is incredibly driven and now runs our Babies & Bagels programme as well as the women’s One2One programme in London. 

Hidden Talent: Currently learning to play the guitar 

Devorah Weinstein

Devorah is our Early Years Educator who is a mother of 5 gorgeous children, and has had over 20 years of experience working in teaching and childcare.  Having been in the background at Seed for 15 years, (as Ilan’s superstar wife and supporter!), she has finally joined us as an integral part of our team. She is enthusiastic and passionate, and enjoys forming relationships and connecting with families. She loves to use her creativity and imagination to bring vibrancy to Jewish life.

The Seed Operational Team

Talya Abraham 

Talya was born in the UK and spent her childhood growing up in Israel. After studying at Midreshet Tehilla seminary she came back to London and now supports the Seed schools team, helping to ensure the smooth running of our programming. In her spare time she enjoys studying music, translating Hebrew and English and working with children. 

Hidden Talent: Can finish a book in a day 

Tzippy Blachman

Tzippy plays a critical role in keeping the Manchester office ticking. In her unassuming way, she gets on with all that is thrown at her including office administration and PA roles to various members of the team. Recently she has also become responsible for advanced women’s programmes including the Wiser Women together with Rebbetzen Joanne Dove, engaging hundreds of women nationally every week. 

Hidden Talent: Multitasking queen 

Bev Ginsberg  

Bev hails from Cape Town, South Africa and first encountered Seed as a participant. She liked what she saw so much that she decided to join us behind the scenes and has been keeping our finances in order ever since. She and her husband Pete have three daughters and (since lockdown) two ginger cats. 

Hidden Talent: Crazy cat lady 

Sharon Glick 

Sharon is the Seed London office manager and the driving force behind the smooth running of the Seed Shul. She is super-efficient, always willing to step in and take responsibility, going above and beyond the call of duty. 

Hidden Talent: Speaking a dying language – Judeo Arabic 

Shosh Greenberg 

Meet Shosh Greenberg, the operational powerhouse steering Seed to success. With a proven track record in finance and management, Shosh brings strategic vision and a knack for navigating challenges. She is committed to operational excellence, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency.  

Hidden Talent: DIY 

Lisa Joseph 

Lisa has worked in photography editing and graphic design for over 15 years and loves using her creative skills for the team at Seed. She is patient and always ready to work hard around the office, helping others when needed.  She is also a CST volunteer and a mum of two.  

Hidden Talent: Has an over 1,000-day streak on Duolingo 

Sophia Kaye 

Sophia is our Events Support Manager in the London office. With a degree in Fashion Design from Leeds Art University, she adds a creative touch to her role here. She lives in Edgware with her husband and enjoys designing, making clothes and is a passionate foodie. 

Hidden Talent: Making clothes 

Lauren Lemon

Lauren has been working at Seed for a number of years, but actually started her career at Seed as a young girl as a seminar participant, and later on learning at a One2One Seed centre in Manchester. Lauren has previously had a hand in fundraising administration and office management and now supports our Early Years programmes. 

Hidden Talent: Home organisation 

Carly Lissner

Carly is a proud mum of two boys and a tirelessly efficient administrator in our London office. She looks after many aspects of Seed’s finances, database, statistics and fundraising administration. 

Hidden Talent: Lighting up the room with her smile 

Mirele Mordecai 

Mirele runs the London schools programme and is the Seedlings Educator. With a background in Psychology and much experience in community and events management, she is exceptionally excited and passionate about organising creative and inspiring events for young families. She joined Seed in 2021 and since then has overseen the expansion and growth of both the Schools and the Seedlings Programmes. 

Hidden Talent: Plays the flute 

Robyn Samir

Robyn Samir

Robyn brings exceptional organisation skills and bags of straight-talking style to the London office. She is responsible for numerous areas of fundraising administration and has been dubbed ‘director of chasing’. She originally hails from South Africa and is mum to two gorgeous girls. 

Hidden Talent: Playing Wordle and Waffle every day 

Ilan Weinstein

Indefatigable Ilan keeps us all going in a professional manner. Ilan is assiduous and unassuming and ensures the Seed team works to its full potential. We thank his good wife Devorah for allowing him to give so much of his time. 

Hidden Talent: Cycling